Gospel Convention from March 16-18 ,2018 

Goodevening All Regional Leaders and Parish Leaders of St Mary’s Women’s League and St Pauls Men Fellowship,

Ninveh Lent greetings to all and Hope all are keeping fine by God’s Grace.

Hope all of you received emails regarding our March Lenten Retreat .We would like to inform you all that we are forming a Choir Team for our upcoming Gospel Convention from March 16-18, 2018 which will be held at St Ephrem Cathedral, Whippany, New Jersey .Please send the names of singers from your church (from St Mary’s and St Pauls Team) who wish to join the Choir before Feb 2 Friday. We will have a group practice at Aramana for at least three days and you are requested to participate in that practice sessions. You will be informed later about the selection and songs later.

The Main Choir Team will be selected by the choir committee and will be approved by our Theethose Thirumeni .We are expecting your maximum Parish participation for the upcoming retreat. Please call us or email is if you have any questions. Mr.Raju Abraham 9734499676(rajua20@gmail.com) or me 732-678-7072(shijaalias@gmail.com).